Car rental for people and companies

Modern car rental service allows our customers to use modern vehicles on favorable terms. Clear and transparent agreement, professional assistance at every stage of cooperation and good conditions of rent are the priorities of our actions. Choose therefore the possibilities made to measure of your expectations.

Car rental is always a good idea

This option of using progressive cars can organize your issues related to the private travel, business travel or everyday moving around the city and going out of it. You will be assured that you are using a safe car, fully functional and comfortable for you and your passengers. Within the rental you can always count on our help.

Standard options for our cooperation in car here may include the rental of:

  • cars – new passenger cars with high-end equipment. You can choose both lower class family cars, as well as a luxury limousines with the best available implements. Depending on the circumstances and needs we will help with choosing the right model, for example the car for holidays,
  • delivery vans – vans prove themselves, if you are planning removal or you want to carry certain goods to the customers as part of your duties. Our vehicles have adequate capacity, they are strong and durable,
  • minibuses – advantageous option to carry more people. In such a vehicle, even the longest journey passes well thanks to comfortable seats, air conditioning and silent interior, perfect for the night's rest,
  • coaches – carry up to 20 people during one course, so we recommend them for bigger organized groups as well as a means of transport during the events. Here you will feel at ease and steady during any journey as well.

Car rental airport Warsaw

All the vehicles above are available as a replacement cars

Independently of the type of a rental car, you can rent it in the option with a driver who will take over the obligation to keep the vehicle in order to bring you and your relatives straight to the point. Consider this possibility especially when you want to read a book, write back to emails or simply relax while traveling. Modern transport services are designed for you.

Rent a car and enjoy your trip in Poland or abroad

no kilometers limit and no deposit is an attendance which will satisfy your expectations. In the framework of cooperation we also provide technical inspections and maintenance of the vehicle, as well as seasonal tire change. We minimize additional costs in order to our cooperation could be actually profitable and beneficial for you,no different if you rent a small city car or 9 seater bus.

The possibility of using car outside the country within the European Union gives you the opportunity to pursue private plans associated with further travels. This solution also works well if you plan to work on a contract in another country or you want to to leave on a regular or occasional delegations.

Car Rental in Warsaw – select our offer and feel the gladness of driving

Join the ranks of our clients and find out how modern rental cars can change your way of daily commuting in the city or any sightseeing plans. We are available at our headquarters in Warsaw. We will gladly answer your questions and recommend the car rental options according to your needs, also low cost car here with high-quality models on offer.

All favorable choices in one car rental agreement! Choose short-term car rental or long-term car rental.Set your money aside.

Car rental in Warsaw – rent a chosen car and take advantage of interesting options. Affordable rent always on a high level.